Listen to Vlade


Annoyed by Siri's robotically calm voice? It's time to up your smart phone's GPS playing style. The free Waze app (available for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones) allows users to pick a voice that directs them from one place to another. Your new list of potential navigation friends include Elvis Presley, a One Direction-styled boy band, Golden State Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa and Vlade Divac, the former Sacramento Kings center and team's current Vice President of Basketball and Franchise Operations. The Serbian big man seems to relish the task, too. Directions are available in either English or Serbian and, in addition to the usual left-right-left commands, Divac also advises drivers that they're “a long way from Serbia,” while doling cautions such as “cops ahead, watch out for the blockshot.” Dude's got good car game.