Legends of the weird

May 27, Everything is Terrible

Photo courtesy of Everything is Terrible

Before the Internet, when people used to hunt for VHS tapes in thrift stores in search of bad home movies and poorly acted instructional videos, it's likely only their friends would see those gems. Now all the weirdness of the world is available to everyone, thanks in no small part to the website Everything Is Terrible.

It was launched by a group of friends in 2000 who started collecting videos that were surreal and hilarious: cat massage instructional videos, drug addiction after school specials, an early '90s video instructional explanation of the Internet, et al.

Now, there's also a corresponding live show. The Everything is Terrible team takes its videos on the road, but they up the ante with some psychedelic puppet shows, rapping Christmas trees and depressed robots. They're also on a strange quest to collect VHS copies of the movie Jerry McGuire, so if you have one, bring it.

The clips and live performances are always changing. This go-around, they are bringing Legends, their latest movie—oh yeah, they make movies, too. Their films sometimes feature compilations of collected clips, and sometimes are made from bizarre editing of found footage.

Bonus: This time around, the show, which happens Wednesday, May 27, in Nevada City, will sport a “choose your own adventure” element, which means the crowd votes on the night's direction. Don't disappoint, locals, and stay weird. 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 27; $10. Stonehouse Old Brewery, 107 Sacramento Street in Nevada City; www.everythingisterrible.com.