Results May Vary

Loud-mouthed jackasses are a rock tradition. Fred Durst, front man for Florida nu-metal combo limpbizkit, has proven to be one of the biggest rockist jackasses in recent history, a backward-baseball-cap wearing successor to Ted Nugent or even Jim Dandy Mangrum. On “Eat You Alive,” the second track of this shark-jumper, Durst moans, “No doubt I’d love to sniff on them panties now.” The CD’s original title was Panty Sniffer, but Durst pussed out and gave it a more generic title. Sonically, it ain’t up to the band’s date-rape rock standards, either, due to guitarist Wes Borland’s departure. The best cuts—“Underneath the Gun” and “Down Another Day”—owe way too much to Sacramento’s Deftones, which Durst ’fesses up to on “Head for the Barricade.” And a cover of the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”? Pointless.