Los Straightjackets

Supersonic Guitars in 3-D

With any new record in the “file under: rock instrumentals” category, there are questions. Does it swing? And if the music contained within were featured in a low-budget teenxploitation “starts Friday at drive-ins in your area” flick directed by Ray Dennis Steckler, would it get the teens twisting by the pool in the closing credits? Would it have similar ironic applications in porn, or a mid-1990s Quentin Tarantino movie? For this groovy new disc, the answer is “¡Si!” on all counts. How can you hate an album with a 3-D cover that comes with its own set of glasses, and whose 13 tracks vibrate with bass and drums topped off by that unbeatably cool Fender sound? Yeah, the sound is straight out of 1962, and pyrotechnics fans may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, rather nifty.