Get Born

As the old adage goes, good bands borrow, but great bands steal. Having already collected enough press to wallpaper an apartment on the Lower East Side—mind you, on the merits of a four-song EP— Australia’s Jet is being touted as rock ’n’ roll’s newest saviors. Thankfully, Jet’s debut, Get Born, is as decorated as its lightning-quick rise to fame. Melding hot-wired guitar licks with bubble-gum melodies, Get Born serves up slabs of ole-fashioned, pumped-up guitar rawk alongside delicate shards of melancholic balladry. From the rowdy, AC/DC-infused stadium rock of “Cold Hard Bitch” to the moving, McCartney-esque piano pop of “Look What You’ve Done,” Jet proudly steals from the masters and, along the way, delivers one of the best debuts of the year.