Letters for November 15, 2018

Re: “A California divided,” by Stephen Magagnini (Feature, November 8):

Three states have been created from existing states. Kentucky from Virginia, Maine from Massachusetts, and, most recently, West Virginia from Virginia. The Constitution provides for such a split. Realistically, a new state could be created from California. I call it East California, partially as a nod to West Virginia. All it would take is a convention of the counties wishing to split, and a refusal to pay taxes to California. It really doesn’t matter if Congress approves or not, or if old California does not desire it. It simply takes the will of the people. Strong enough will, and it will happen. Care must be taken, however, not to simply create yet another leftist tyrannical state. Only conservative counties would be invited.

Scott Slotterbeck


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Double trouble

Re: “A California divided,” by Stephen Magagnini (Feature, November 8):

I always wonder what the rest of the [United States] thinks of [California] doubling its number in the Senate. I think I know the answer.

Kassie Brown


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Make it rain

Re: “A California divided,” by Stephen Magagnini (Feature, November 8):

Legislative representatives are apportioned by population, not acreage, there’s that. Also, these are anti-gubmint people making a great show of their flinty independence and self-reliance, all of which shows character, but they and their area are already receiving way more state and federal money than they contribute, which is something that greatly infuriates rural white people when it isn’t them doing it. State resources should be allocated in such a way that all Californians receive the same level of state services, representation and respect. Maybe they should just send better representatives to Sacramento and Washington. These insurgent folk seem to believe that carving themselves out of California will be better because they’ll keep whatever funds can be squeezed out of their meager local tax base and they’d have two senators who could [and] would make it rain federal money.

John S. Smith


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A small-minded movement

Re: “A California divided,” by Stephen Magagnini (Feature, November 8):

This movement is just a cover for racist, small-minded MAGA followers. When I see one of these stickers, I automatically think less of the person.

James Monte Salter


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Facts, not fake news

Re: “Wolves of hate,” by Mozes Zarate (Editor’s Note, November 1):

I am emailing you because you have parroted the far left by saying Trump is anti-Semitic, based on what, the fact that he had the stones to move our embassy to Jerusalem over the objections of Palestine and Democrats? The fact that he has been more of an ally to Israel than Obama and Clinton combined? I find it almost funny that liberals keep saying he is a racist and anti-Semite, yet none of you ever give one piece of evidence to back this up. Obama was openly hostile to Israel and you guys said nothing. Louis Farrakhan has openly and out loud as well as Al Sharpton insulted Jews and unapologetically disparaged Jews, and you guys say nothing. The guy that killed those people hated Trump, and that was on all his social media, yet this is Trump’s fault? I wish that just once the current fake news reporters would actually investigate and use facts instead of just repeating platitudes.

Gary Alan


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