Letters for June 28, 2018

Fox News destroyed democracy

Re “Why Tom McClintock Needs to Go” by Suzanne Eckes-Wahl (Letters, May 5):

I watched Fox News for years and I was a bonafide Fox zombie. They are directly responsible for the cultural division this country is now experiencing. If some professor in an obscure community college in a small town said something crazy, Fox would run that as a national story in prime time. Hearing those stories convinced me academia was bad for the country.

Rupert Murdoch is not an American and he runs the show, and the show has done a tremendous amount of damage to this country. I’m beginning to believe this has all been part of a larger scheme to bring America down. If I am right, then the fact that he has brought this country to where we’re at under the guise of patriotism, with red, white and blue banners across every show, almost makes the entire effort clever and poetic.

Travis Hawkins


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‘Racialized’ analysis

Re “Why is Sacramento failing its black students” by Kris Hooks (Feature, June 14):

I’d guess a racialized attitude means believing that students of one race or another are incapable of controlling themselves compared to others. That is certainly not my perspective. I suppose a teacher who doesn’t want to have words like “racist” and “hatred” associated with their name is left with few alternatives if they have exhausted all other possibilities and aren’t the right color. I’m not the racist here. How does an uneducated portion of the populace benefit an economy?

Karl William Liebhardt


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What is happening?

When I was a child, I used to have nightmares about government thugs arresting my parents and dragging us kids off somewhere else. It was a time when Nazis and WWII wasn’t very long in the past and we all learned about the concentration camps. And although not much about being raised Jewish stuck with me, the holocaust was definitely real. But we were Americans, the good guys, who were there like superheroes to save the day, liberating the prisoners from the death camps. And that made being an American something to be proud of.

Now I see in the news where we as Americans are taking desperate refugees crossing the border and throwing them in jail and deliberately separating them from their children as some form of cruel nightmare punishment and using that to send a message, “Don’t come to America or we will take your children from you!” Have we now become them?

Marc Perkel

Gilroy via sactoletters@newsreview.com

Keeping kids down

Re “Why is Sacramento failing its black students” by Kris Hooks (Feature, June 14):

Mr. Liebhardt: How does having a permanent underclass benefit an economic model that requires a permanent underclass? When dealing with racism, choosing to ignore research and blame the victims of racism is a common tactic. It’s called white denial.

Neill Brengettsey


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Teachers are everything

Re “Why is Sacramento failing its black students” by Kris Hooks (Feature, June 14):

I was shocked and surprised about the issue on black students. Teachers need to be more than a teacher. They need to be program advisors. Teachers need to write daily, or interview each student, in order to provide what issues occur or don’t occur. Success can only be achieved or measured by not just one person, but the entire class.

Frankie Alvarado

Roseville via newsreview.com