Letters for February 6, 2014

SN&R's readers chime in on shady arena tricks, the city's newest vegetarian restaurant and more

Scuzzy tricks to stop public arena vote

Re “Kings behind the scenes” by Nick Miller (SN&R News, January 30):

Key legal documents supposedly “lost” by the city clerk's office, petitions signed by thousands of Sacramento citizens rejected on grounds called into question by the city's own attorney—it's pretty clear that the powers that be pushing for a taxpayer-funded arena will stoop to any scuzzy trick to prevent us taxpayers from having a say in the matter.

And the reason for that is pretty clear, too: Similar proposals have been resoundingly defeated at the ballot box several times already, and there's every reason to believe that the current hugely expensive, highly controversial proposal will suffer a similar fate if we citizens are given an opportunity to vote on it. So, this time around, the moneyed interests that stand to make enormous profits at taxpayers' expense are determined to shove it down our throats without giving us any voice at all.

But, hey—isn't this supposed to be a democracy?

David Urman

via email

A few minutes with SN&R

Re “Good trend, bad trend” (SN&R Feature Story, January 30):

Please assure me that this is not an emerging trend: Andy Rooney-ish kvetching about trends.

John Kwasnik



Re “Mother superior” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Arts&Culture, January 30):

Mother is just what Sacramento needs! Tasty food that happens not to feature meat. And the place has just the right vibe for the downtown audience (although I happily travel from Elk Grove). Looking forward to eating my way through the menu, and thinking up hashtags to put on their chalk wall! #waytovege #nowthatseatin.

Kristi Garrett


Diversify public-arts spending

Re “Money and art” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, January 30):

Just because minority artists can create wonderful works on a dime doesn’t mean we don’t need the funding. In the past, we have had to raise money for shows with car washes, bake sales and rely heavily on donations from the community. Sacramento prides itself on being diverse; it should be reflected in the way it funds its arts as well.

Raquel Castillo


Water advice from Davis

Re “Water ways” (SN&R Editorial, January 23):

The first thing Sacramento should do if they want to conserve water is install water meters! If you don’t know how much you use, you cannot know if you’re conserving 10 percent or using 50 percent more, because you have a leaking toilet. In Davis, we live with water meters, and we know how much we use because we pay for it. Saying you’re going to save some percentage without a way to measure it means nothing. The best you can do reasonably ask is that residents use less, conserve water and restrict washing cars and irrigation days.

Barbara Clowers