Letters for December 7, 2017

High in the sky

Re “Weed smugglers fly United” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, November 30):

I have flown out of Sacramento International Airport many times with both flower and, more recently, my vaporizer. Because I’m traveling for only a few days at a time, I carry the appropriate amount and don’t overdo it, along with carrying my recommendation original copy. This has never been an issue for me with the TSA. But, then again, as much of a fan of “In Your Face” as I am, that is not one of those situations in which it can do you anything but harm. Recognizing that, I don’t make a show of carrying my medicine any more than my cologne or toothbrush. Poking Big Brother in the eyeball by one [person] kind of sets everybody back a couple of steps.

Mark Williams


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Absolutely, positively overnight

Re “Weed smugglers fly United” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, November 30):

Use FedEx. No problem. But let’s differentiate carrying personal amounts on a trip with trying to pack 20 pounds into your luggage. I don’t know anybody who ever got popped for personal amounts. TSA will steal iPods and iPads out of your checked luggage, though, so look out.

Brad Oates

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Accountability begins at home

Re “Will arrest for food” by Raheem F. Hosseini (Beats, November 30):

While we are on the subject of Mayor Steinberg in conjunction with the present wealth of sexual harassment stories, isn’t it high time to revisit the one involving Allen Warren? Didn’t our mayor and the entire City Council vote to hide the results of a $50,000 inquiry into allegations of sexual impropriety against him? Didn’t Steinberg preside over the state Senate when numerous complaints of sexual harassment were lodged? Where is the outrage? Never too late to correct a wrong, and we know the Bee, as Steinberg’s apologist, will never launch such an inquiry. It becomes the duty of the News & Review.

Karen Solberg


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Is suicide escape?

Re “Missed warnings” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, November 30):

“… escaped justice?” What a convoluted thought process. Their suicide prevented the endless process of trial and incarceration which would further plague the victim’s family. With the exception that some would rather die than spend life in prison, how exactly did the killer escape justice?

Dorothy Eller

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Republicans to poor Americans: die

Merry Christmas to the millions of Americans who have come to depend on the Affordable Care Act and who have had health care coverage for the last few years. All for naught as President Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and a few hundred Republican politicians have now repealed this excellent program on the 60th or 70th try; all to please the extremists, Obama-haters and racists in the Republican Party base. Donald Trump continues his biggest lie of all, that he would be “president for all Americans.” How long are Americans going to continue to put up with Republican lies masquerading as truth? The Republican Party and its politicians have become a cancer in society.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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Yep: Sam’s Hoffbrau

Re “Stay classy, meat men” by Becky Grunewald (Dining, November 30):

John CrookOne Molina: Take me here for lunch already.

Michelle Wright

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