Letters for April 13, 2017

Righteous veganism

Re “Vegan food fight” by Faith Lewis (Beats, April 6):

This person [Kim] Sturla is doing nothing more than trying to impose her “religious” beliefs on others. The stereotypes on vegans (e.g., self-righteous and self-involved) are supported by people like her.

Tom Stephens


Focus on a big problem

Re “Down and out in suburbia” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, April 6):

We already have tent cities. The question is whether we will continue to have unregulated tent cities spread throughout our parks and neighborhoods, or will we have government- and private-sponsored tent cities in a more controlled environment, offering some services and protection for all of us from the impacts of homelessness? Will the city and county choose to provide consolidated garbage and sewage collection for the homeless, or will the waste continue to spread unabated throughout our streets, parks, and riverbanks?

The current city ordinances prohibiting camping and littering are ineffective in this regard, and the environmental impacts will remain as long as the “whack-a-mole” approach to enforcement continues to spread toxic waste camps from one site to another, in what was once “The Jewel of Sacramento.”

Jon Love


Pat on the back

Re “Down and out in suburbia” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, April 6):

Scott, in my opinion, your article was to the point, well-written, quoted everyone correctly and covered the subject. It also did not sensationalize an issue that has been manipulated by many. Thank you.

Rowland Reeves


A cool policy

Re “Keeping their cool” by Robert Speer (Editor’s Note, April 6):

Right on, Robert! I’ve been a land use/CEQA attorney over 17 years, and it constantly amazes me how many people revert to childish behavior late into the night at public hearings. I would fully support such a policy as Chico has!

Andee Leisy



Re: “Her illegal dad” by Raheem F. Hosseini (Feature, April 6):

The caption on page 14 mistakenly identified the little girl in the photo Angela Velazquez is holding as her when she was a child. The image is of Angela’s sister, Citlalli Velazquez. SN&R regrets the error.