Letters for March 30, 2017

Bodies in the way

Re: “Ballet ‘treasures’” by LaRue Brewster-Carnes (SN&R Letters, March 23):

You’re absolutely correct. If it doesn’t carry big dollar signs, the Sac Bee could care less. The Bee will sing praises over the Kings year-round and won’t let you forget what a great deal the Golden 1 Center is and how lucky we schmucks are to have it. But the performing arts? The Sac Bee will equate that with helping the homeless by doing absolutely nothing except bitch about having to step over them on their way to Starbucks.

Victor Morales


Watch your step

Re: “Bread and ballet roses,” by Mozes Zarate (SN&R News, March 23):

Wow. I never thought of Sacramento of a union town. I wonder if this might backfire and cause the Sacramento Ballet to shut down? I hope not, but I have seen this kind of thing happen in other towns about the same size as Sacramento. Unions come in and make all sorts of demands that can’t be met. I hope everyone has thought this through.

John Elko


Take care of it, liberals

Re: “Renters strike back,” by Scott Thomas Anderson (SN&R News, March 23):

My rent was $625, then $688. Now it’s $1050 for a tiny one-bedroom. I’ll go out of my way to assist in any way in my busy life to control this outrage in this city. Am I the only one that sees a serious problem here?

Of course, all landlords see a major cash fall heading their way. The Democratic Party wants to control every aspect of my life anyway. From which light bulbs I can buy to what cars I should buy to what plastic bags I can buy. How about you liberals control rent here as well? I’m 32.

Rory Humphries


Pay for it with taxes

Re: “The arena has eyes,” by Dave Kempa (SN&R Feature, March 16):

Golden 1 Center is a beehive of activity that is producing big bucks now. Critics say that this will not continue. Supporters say that it will get even better.

What are the performing arts producing now? The Romans had a take on this: If it is in the public interest to provide people with entertainment that has no wide public appeal, pay for it with general tax revenues.

Hugh Montgomery


Talent and wisdom

Re: “Our poet,” by Matt Kramer (SN&R 15 Minutes, March 23):

Sacramento is fortunate to have someone with Indigo’s talent and wisdom as our laureate.

Anne S. Da Vigo


Wake up, Republicans

Trump was so obsessed with repealing Obamacare that he threatened members of the House that they would lose their seats. Trump is destroying America, and when people no longer can afford health care they are not going to be happy.

Makes me wonder what will happen when America loses health coverage and they kick grandma to the curb and let people die on the streets. When their friends and families start dying, there’s going to be a backlash against those who took health care away.

Republicans better take into consideration what they are doing to Americans and make it about what is good for us and not about what Trump wants.

Mark Perkel


‘A moral document’

The White House is proposing drastic cuts to global development programs in our national budget. This would be disastrous. Currently, millions of kids are able to go to school and get vital medical treatment because of anti-poverty programs supported by the U.S. government. Healthy, educated children become healthy, educated adults who can contribute to their communities and economies in myriad ways. This benefits all of us.

It’s been said that the national budget is a moral document, reflecting our values and priorities. I strongly urge our representatives to reject any cuts to global anti-poverty programs. I believe our country is at its best when we make sure everyone has the foundation for a bright future.

La Sharon Allen