Letters for March 16, 2017

Patriots in Spain

Re: “A death in Syria” by Scott Thomas Anderson (SN&R Feature, March 9):

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade was composed of American patriots who traveled to Spain on their own dime and fought for its legitimate, elected, republican government. They fought against the fascist insurgents who were supported by Nazi Germany. Had the United States joined them in this fight, as President Roosevelt wished, there might not have been a Holocaust.

For their bravery and righteousness they were blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee and harassed by the United States government until the end of their days. They were placed on the attorney general’s list of subversive organizations, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover saw to it that they were denied military promotion when they returned to the fight after the United States entered World War II.

Beware the fascists in your midst and who are now your leaders.

Luke Wilson


Cops on film

Re “Hollywood sheriff,” by Raheem Hosseini (SN&R News, March 2):

Well, good deal, let ’em record. Mostly it’s criminals who do not want the truth to be shown. I realize that, under our present political state of mind, some people might think the story told will not be the story on the street. I agree, perhaps it will be “shaded,” but the same accusation might be leveled over, let’s say, the funding for the new arena when our schools so desperately needed the funds.

Bobby Ingram


Steinberg’s chutzpah

Has the office of the mayor become a part-time job? If so, let’s ensure it offers a part-time salary. At 127,000 simoleons a year plus perks, medical and retirement, this is a wonderful, enviable position.

Darrell Steinberg’s incipient “consultancy” business following his win to become mayor displays chutzpah beyond comprehension in this city struggling to be recognized as “world class,” not déclassé. Perhaps he’s just channeling his inner Donald Trump.

Definition: chutzpah. You murder your parents and then plead for clemency on the grounds that you’re an orphan.

In 84 years of life I’ve known my share of gonofs, connivers of many stripes. Mr. Steinberg now stands out among the best of them. Will the city fathers let him skate, slide, uncontested? You betcha. (“Move along, nothing to see here.”)

Stu Goldberg