Legend of Drunken Master, The

Rated 3.0 Crude English dubbing gets this 1994 sequel off to a ragged start, and Jackie Chan breaks several of his rules of thumb (no profanity, death by handgun or bloody wounds) as he uses the art of “drunken boxing” to thwart the theft of national antiquities. This 1994 sequel, released on a very limited basis as Drunken Master 2 in 1995, includes Chan’s exhilarating battle with a horde of ax-wielding thugs and a classic 20-minute finale fight that’s set in a steel mill. The story is based on the adventures of real-life 19th-century folk hero Won Fei-hung and directed by Lau Ka Leung, who also plays a thief and battles with Chan in ultra-tight quarters under a train.