Kid, The

Rated 3.0 A cold-hearted “image consultant” (Bruce Willis) meets a child (Spencer Breslin) who turns out to be himself—before the mean old world turned him into the selfish jerk he is today. Audrey Wells’ script reworks A Christmas Carol with a trendy touch of baby-boomer self-absorption: The only ghosts this Scrooge needs are different versions of himself. The metaphysics get cluttered, and the sentiment gets awfully gooey, overwhelming director Jon Turtletaub’s modest efforts, but through it all, Willis gamely gives it his best. His generosity eventually redeems young Breslin, who grows marginally less obnoxious as the film wears on. Lily Tomlin has some good moments as Willis’ secretary, and Emily Mortimore (who bears a rather tactless resemblance to Demi Moore) provides a perfunctory love interest.