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Hey Man. I recently found some weed in a long forgotten corner of my stash cabinet. It looked pretty good, but when I smoked it, all it did was make me sleepy. What gives?

Rip Von Dankle

Yeah. These things happen. The most likely culprit is CBN. No, not the Christian Broadcasting Network, but the terpene Cannabinol. When THC is exposed to air or light for a long period of time, the THC crystals convert into CBN crystals. CBN is good for pain relief and may give you the munchies, but it will also knock you the eff out. My suggestion is to save that weed for special occasions where you really need a good night’s sleep.

Now is a good time to discuss proper storage techniques, what with harvest season being right around the corner. Like I said, light and air will definitely change the chemical composition of your buds over time, so you want to keep your stash in an airtight container in a cool dark space. There are plenty of websites that will sell you the perfect jar for your needs.

What’s all this about a cannabis conference hiring Roger Stone as a keynote speaker? Isn’t he a bit racis.., er, problematic?

Stayn Woke

Yes, he is. Trump adviser Roger Stone is both racist and problematic. He’s also sexist. But, the producers of the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo seem to think that because Roger Stone is pro marijuana-legalization and he has the President’s ear, maybe we should listen to what he has to say.

When I called event producer Dan Humiston to ask about the backlash his event has faced since announcing Mr. Stone as the keynote speaker for their upcoming expos, Mr. Humiston told me that he was more concerned with legalization than anything else, and that cannabis legalization will need support from all political viewpoints. “It’s all about the plant,” he said to me.

I totally get it. Cannabis legalization will take people from all political sides, and it behooves us to set aside our differences to unite for shared goals. But here’s the thing: Cannabis prohibition has always been a tool for systemic racism. We can’t have cannabis legalization be racist too.

When you see cute and supportive articles about white “marijuana moms” at the same time that Dana Loesch of the National Rifle Assocation is claiming that legal-gun-owner Philando Castile should have been shot because he smelled like marijuana, you can see how mainstream America feels about which pot smokers are cute and which ones are dangerous. Hiring Roger Stone is a mistake.

I stand with Dr. Amanda Reiman, Cannabis Industry Journal, The Minority Cannabis Business Association and many others in calling for a boycott of the CWCBE until Roger Stone is removed.