Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

Yo! Weed Q for you: What’s the deal with CBD? I recently had what was advertised as a hemp “CBD” tea at a cafe but I didn’t think they could legally sell something like that. Are CBD products not controlled the same way THC products are? Also, can CBD be consumed effectively in an edible or tea form or was it just a gimmick?

—J. Boggs

Yo yourself! Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a great anti-inflammatory agent and anxiety reducer. It works great in teas (HerbalCanna makes a fantastic CBD infused chai tea), tinctures, edibles and salves (I really like the Saturn Ranch brand CBD body balms). Since CBD is nonpsychoactive—It doesn’t get you “high”—many folks feel like it’s okay to sell CBD-infused products in a nondispensary setting. And while it’s not really a big deal, especially in states where cannabis is legal, technically, CBD is classified as a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Allow me to clarify: Last year, the DEA released a new set of rules about cannabis, wherein they stated that CBD derived from a cannabis plant is still Schedule I. However, CBD derived from a noncannabis plant, like hemp, is fine to sell and distribute. I know, I know. What can I say? The government thrives on technicalities.

There are plenty of companies that will sell and ship a bottle of CBD-infused syrup to anyone in the country. I hope they have good lawyers. Anyways, here in Cali you should be fine. Enjoy your tea. Pinkies up!

I want to get my rec/card so that I can hang out at all these newfangled, fun ass cannabis events. I want to hit the comedy shows, the farmers markets, the fancy dinner parties, alla dat. And, I would like to buy weed at a dispensary, because my OG weedman just moved out of town. But I don’t understand the process. Like: If I get a rec, aren’t there only certain places I can buy weed from?

—The DM

Pssshhh. Once you have a letter of recommendation, the world of weed is yours! You can hit up any dispensary or delivery service that you like. Getting a card is easy and cheap. Grab a coupon, go see the doctor and live your life!

Seriously, you are right about all these new events. I have even heard of a 420-friendly strip club in San Francisco. I cannot wait for the day when cannabis social lounges are just as prevalent as bars and coffee shops. Go get that letter and enjoy yourself.

I am trying to get my past marijuana arrests expunged from my record. What should I do?

—Doug. E. Fresh Start

You have to petition the court. Most courts these days have a form you can fill out. Esteemed lawyer and all-around cannabis defender Omar Figueroa is hosting a seminar in Sebastopol on August 5. Hit him up at info@omarfigueroa.com. He’s a badass. Good luck.