Just My Luck

Rated 2.0

A young career woman (Lindsay Lohan) lives a charmed life, while a would-be music promoter (Chris Pine) can’t get a break—until a chance kiss between them on a dance floor turns his luck much better and hers much worse. It took five writers (a classic case, perhaps, of too many cooks) to excrete the dim-bulb script and its flimsy premise, but not one of them could come up with a clever line or unexpected visual gag (oh look, a pile of dog poop, I wonder what’s gonna happen). The film coasts on the appeal of the two stars for about 15 minutes, then it’s downhill from there. Lohan, at 20, looks far too young to have a thriving career at a big public-relations firm—until you stop to think that the movie’s target audience is made up of 12-year-old girls. Donald Petrie directs, sort of.