Junk my mom watches

“Kevin Smith, what the hell?”

“Kevin Smith, what the hell?”

I saw my share of duds in 2010, but there are some movies I’ll pass up a paycheck to avoid, which is where my retired mother, Linda, comes in handy. My mom sees just about everything, and she’s paid to watch 88 movies in the theater this year, chronicling and grading all of them on her iPhone. We sat down after Christmas dinner to talk about some of the duds that I missed.

Leap Year: “It was a paycheck movie for Amy Adams.”

Furry Vengeance: “It’s a kids’ movie that adults won’t like. I took your niece to see it. … I don’t know that she even liked it that much.”

Eat Pray Love: “I read part of the book, until I got bored. I think I read just the “Eat” part. It wasn’t that interesting to me.”

Tooth Fairy: “I saw that with your Aunt Joan. … I don’t even know what to say about it, it was so awful.”

Dear John: “What the … what was Dear John? To tell you the truth, I remember absolutely nothing about this movie except that it sucked.”

Cop Out: “Kevin Smith, what the hell?”

It’s Kind of a Funny Story: “It was pretty depressing for a comedy. The previews look like it’s going to be something completely different.”

Alpha and Omega: “Another kids’ movie that parents will hate. The best thing about it was that I saw it at Sunrise Mall.”

Life As We Know It: “Katherine Heigl is horrible; her movies are all very predictable. I really liked [Josh Duhamel] on All My Children.”

The Switch: “Wow, now there’s a movie I can’t even remember. Most of these were really awful movies I went to see while your dad was at work.”