Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees

Rated 4.0 Our closest animal-kingdom relatives (we share nearly 99 percent of the same DNA) are given the eye-popping IMAX infotainment treatment here. Jane Goodall returns to Tanzania’s 20-square-mile Gombe Stream National Park, where she began studying our flea-picking friends more than 40 years ago. After a dizzying plane flight into the park, we join Goodall for walks through the lush forest for close-up looks at the social dynamics and survival skills of the indigenous chimpanzee community. This 42-minute film, which zipped by and left me wanting more, includes archival footage of Goodall’s first treks into the wild, and how her scientific interest evolved into a firm commitment to global conservation programs. The complementary soundtrack is the work of singer and guitarist Johnny Clegg.