Raise Your Voice

Rated 2.0 Flagstaff, Ariz., teen siblings Terri and Paul Fletcher (Hilary Duff and Jason Ritter) are smothered by an overly protective dad (David Keith) who pays more attention to the toothpick dangling from his lower lip than the maturation of his own children. Paul has just enough screen time to pave the way for Terri to be accepted into a rigorous Fame-like music program in Los Angeles before he is killed in a car accident. Pop is adamantly against Terri leaving her job at their family-run diner for the big city. His wife (Rita Wilson) and sister (Rebecca De Mornay) do not share his conviction. They concoct a scheme in which Terri can attend the conservatory without her father’s knowledge and rejuvenate her crushed spirit, as well as sugary vocal talent, as this predictable yarn progresses.