Rated 3.0 Writer-director Mark Neale presents a documentary look at the world of 500cc Grand Prix motorcycle racing, examining the 2001 and 2002 racing seasons and the careers of champions past and present (Valentino Rossi, Garry McCoy, Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz, among others). There is sparse narration by Ewan McGregor, but, for the most part, Neale lets the participants in the sport—riders, mechanics, team leaders, doctors and writers—speak for themselves, and a refreshingly articulate lot they are, too. The film has some great race footage and an interesting visual texture, thanks to the different video and film stocks Neale employs. It might have made a riveting hour-long special on ESPN, but Neale overdoes it, and things become redundant—even a bit dreary—long before his 103 minutes are up.