The Fantasticks

Rated 3.0

The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival's take on this 1960 musical revue about young lovers boasts chemistry between its lead actors, giddy dialog and zippy production. There's lots of Shakespeare spoofing (by the superannuated character Henry, an old actor spouting a mishmash of famous lines by the Bard, played with overripe grandeur by M.A. Taylor) but, alas, this show's better suited to a cozy cabaret than a 1,100-seat amphitheater. And while the show scores some points about life and love, its message is undercut (at least for today's audiences) by the fact that adult life is represented entirely by men—the only female with lines is a dizzy teenage girl (nicely rendered by Clare Howes Eisentrout). A few ethnic generalities that didn't raise eyebrows in 1960 seem dated now. Thu, Fri, Sat 7:30 p.m. Warren Edward Trepp Stage, Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, 2005 Highway 28 in Incline Village, Nev.; Through August 22. J.H.