It Might Get Loud

Rated 2.0

Documentarian Davis Guggenheim brings together electric guitar masters Jimmy Page (the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin), the Edge (U2) and Jack White (White Stripes, the Raconteurs), just to see what happens. Unfortunately, not much does—certainly not enough to fill out Guggenheim’s modest 97-minute running time without a lot of rambling and loosely connected vamps. Guggenheim divides his film into chapters, but he’s careless about shaping the trio’s random and discursive remarks into a cogent manifesto about their art (the most interesting moments are archival footage from the three careers, especially Page’s and Edge’s). Towards the end we finally get the three jamming together on the Band’s “The Weight,” feeling each other out and melding their styles; it’s a belated hint of the movie this might have been.