Sorority Row

Rated 2.0

Stewart Hendler’s rote slasher flick Sorority Row opens at a college house party in which dozens of drunk, nubile, teddy-clad co-eds literally pillow fight each other on trampolines and in hot tubs. Who knew that sorority parties were exactly as I’d imagined them to be? The rest of Sorority Row is less uplifting—a cruel prank leads to the grisly death of one of the sisters of Theta Pi, who cover it up but are hunted down months later by a tire-iron-wielding killer (don’t ask). It’s a strictly by-the-numbers I Know Who You Hazed Last Summer, although it certainly satisfies the minimum prerequisites of the slasher genre—illogically elaborate murders, bare-breasted starlets, pervasive stabbing and at least one embarrassing supporting part for an ex-name (here it’s Carrie Fisher, playing a shotgun-toting house mother).