Is it safe?

It hasn’t taken long for our country to go crazy.

Last weekend we heard from our president that we should “go back to normal” despite a simultaneous warning that we should be “aware and alert” because another terrorist attack may be imminent. Next we were awash in frightening media reports on potential anthrax exposures in Florida, Washington, New York and Reno.

Given the gravity of the 9.11 attack and the subsequent “war on terrorism,” it is no surprise to have people feeling alarmed, upset, unsure. And who knows what new threats we may be subjected to tomorrow.

To explore how the Sacramento region is dealing with fear and war and the future, we at the SN&R are putting together a special issue on the subject and we need your help. We want to know if your life (or that of your family) has changed since September 11. We want to know how you are coping with the developments, if you’ve attended community events this past month—patriotic events, poetry readings, peace rallies—that have played a role in how you are experiencing these strange days.

Most important, we want to learn if you have personal stories or beliefs that could help advise the readership of the SN&R how best to get through these uncommon times.

Please review and respond to the questions, then look for our special issue in November.