Insurgency on stage

California Stage

2509 R St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 451-5822

We live in a time when ideals are in constant conflict with reality, as a quick look at Afghanistan or Iraq will tell us; democracy as an ideal often takes a back seat to the pragmatic needs of securing a stable government. But it’s not a new situation at all, as KOLT Run Creations will point out when they produce Jean Anouilh’s adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone. Originally produced in Paris during the Nazi occupation in 1944, this adaptation is an allegory of the power struggle between the Vichy—and occupation—government and the French resistance. KOLT Run Creations, which did such a fantastic, ravin’ Willie production of an adaptation of Crime & Punishment last year, will open the show April 29 in a space at California Stage, and a little bird told us that Kelley Ogden has been cast as Antigone, while Patrick Murphy will portray Creon. For more information, keep an eye on KOLT Run’s website at