Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Rated 5.0

In Victorian times, common belief was an individual was inherently and wholly good or evil, with only slight variations. And then came Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which literally took a stab at presenting the duality of a person, a good doctor with an evil internal twin, the creation of the split-personality concept. Here, Big Idea Theatre has embraced a recent adaptation of this classic story. Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher has added layers to this dark tale of gruesome murders and social mayhem, including a love interest and variations of Mr. Hyde brought out by rotating actors. Directed by Benjamin Ismail, the story here is stylized and dark. Very dark. Th-Sa 8pm. Through 10/31. Big Idea Theatre, 1616 Del Paso Boulevard; (916) 960-3036; www.bigideatheatre.org. P.R.