¡Da me su pantalones!



If there was ever a phrase that the whole of humanity could rally behind, I don’t think you can beat Viva La Juerga, the title of Diego’s Umbrella’s new album. “Juerga” refers to a long night of song, dance and booze, so right away these guys let you know what their shows are all about. With guitars straight out of a Tarantino movie, the five-man group seamlessly blends mariachi, gypsy, flamenco and ska into one beer-soaked fiesta, with song topics varying from heartache to revolution. They sing (very sensually) in English, so you’ll have no trouble getting behind refrains such as “Take your pants off (Put your pants back on!).” Frontman Hodson Willhoite may steal your girlfriend with his sultry voice, but you’ll probably be too far into your juerga to care.