Blackberry Winter

Rated 4.0

It can be a heartbreaking privilege to help a parent along the last part of his or her life journey. The experience includes the blessing and burden of push-and-pull emotions, daily life and impending death decisions, fractures in family structures and the unsettling role reversals. Actress Amy Resnick gives a tour de force performance as the always-in-control daughter who’s trying to keep sane as her mom’s sanity fades. She’s aided by the show’s beautiful, tragic and humorous dialogue, courtesy of playwright Steve Yockey, and under the thoughtful direction of Capital Stage co-founder Jonathan Williams. Th, F 8pm, Sa 2pm and 8pm, Su 2pm, W 7pm. Through 4/17. $23-$35. Capital Stage, 2215 J Street; (916) 995-5464; P.R.