Anastasia Krupnik

B Street Theatre

Rated 4.0

Lois Lowry’s Anastasia Krupnik has some comic episodes, but this show has some dramatic gravity as well, as 10-year-old Anastasia faces transitions such as the unexpected arrival of a baby brother. Anastasia stares down her parents and blurts out, “Aren’t you too old?” And where’s the baby going to fit in their tiny apartment? The fast-changing family dynamics play out believably, with Sara Perry as the energetic and mercurial Anastasia, Kurt Johnson as the 40-something dad, and Brittni Barger as the 30-something mom. Director Elisabeth Nunziato handles the story deftly. Sa, Su 1 & 4pm. Through 2/17. $18-$27. B Street Theatre, 2711 B St.; (916) 443-5300;