After Hours

William J Geery Theater

2130 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 448-9019

Rated 3.0

An original play written and directed by E.M. Hodge, the principal at EMH Productions, After Hours offers insight into the process of dying from and living with cancer. The action takes place in the eponymous bar, located right next door to a cancer center, where everybody knows your name and your experience with grief and “the big C.” Not as relentlessly depressing as it might sound, Hodge wisely concentrates on the process of grieving and its unique attributes for each of us. Still, the play's a bit too earnest and often comes close to predictable—but it's saved by a dynamite lead performance by Atim Udoffia and strong supporting performances from Graham Drake-Maurer as her boy-toy and Deborah Shalhoub as her friend, the bar's owner. F, Sa 8pm; Su 2pm. Through 12/15. $17-$20. EMH Productions at the Geery Theatre, 2130 L St.;