Home slice

Do you have a down-market craving you don’t always tell your culinary upscale friends about? I asked Bret Bohlmann, who owns Elk Grove’s appealing Boulevard Bistro with his wife, Debora, about his secret junk-food love:

Pizza. I would eat it any time, all the time. My first cooking job was at a pizzeria here in Elk Grove called Pizza Barn—it’s shut down now—and everyone who worked there said I would get tired of pizza. But I never did, and I could eat it every day, still.

“For toppings, I like it all, everything. There aren’t really any toppings I would turn down. My kids like regular pepperoni, and I also like the different toppings like shrimp and that kind of thing—jalapeños—anything. It’s really bad.

“I cook so much during the week, and our employees ask what I cook at home, but every time we have a chance, we go out for pizza. I’m not too much of a sweet person, but pizza? I can’t say no.”