Four for $10

Feeling impoverished, yet hungry? I asked Greg Sabin, who writes for The Sac Rag ( under the handle “sac-eats,” where he goes when he has 10 bucks in his pocket and wants a good—nay, great—lunch. “What can you get for $10 these days? Some of my favorite food, actually,” Sabin says:

1. “At Angel’s Fresh Mex (2101 16th Street), I can get three or four tacos and a pop for less than a 10 spot. And we’re not just talking sustenance here. Angel’s tacos are perhaps the finest tacos I’ve ever consumed. It’s like he’s been raising his livestock on nothing but a diet of cilantro and cumin.”

2. “At Dad’s Deli (1310 S Street), I can get the world’s finest egg salad sandwich for less than $7, which leaves room for a sparkly beverage.”

3. “At Plaza Hof Brau (2500 Watt Avenue), you can get a giant turkey leg with dressing and gravy and an adult beverage for about $9. Remember, it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to eat turkey.”

4. “The No. 51 at Rice Noodles (2836 Arden Way) gives you charcoal-grilled chicken, a spring roll and noodles for $6.95. Save room for their odd fortune cookies with unique fortunes such as, ‘Maybe you should relax with a movie this weekend.’”