Holiday shopping, 420-style

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

Doing the holiday shopping. Any good ideas?

—Quan Za

Oh yes. I love the winter holidays! I feel like people should practice gift giving year-round and not just when it’s cold outside or someone has a birthday. Anyway, weed is always a great gift. Giving your cannabis colleagues a nug or a doobie or a nice wax will make you very popular during the holidays. If you can afford it, look into the “weed of the month club” at It’s like Harry & David, but for pot. I will take a Sweet Island Skunk over a summer sausage just about any day of the week. If you would rather just give cool marijuana-themed gear, is Loot Crate for potheads. Here is an idea for a win-win: Maybe you can sign yourself up for a Cannabox, then give your friends small gifts on a monthly basis. Frugal yet generous is always a good look.

Books are the gifts that keep on giving. Books about marijuana look great on the coffee table and are handy reference guides for the budding chronnoisseur. Green Candy Press (
) and Ed Rosenthal’s Quick Trading Co. ( are my two favorite publishers. You could always buy all the copies of Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes just to have around the house as a last-minute gift for those cousins you forgot you had.

Winter is also a great time for cooking and eating all the food. A little extra meat on your bones will help you and your stoned friends stay warm. Make some cannabis-infused butter or olive oil and turn your friends’ Netflix-and-chill time into a stony delight. Homemade cookies and cakes and pies, or even caramel popcorn balls, are always a hit. Make sure to put big, clear labels on your cannabis-infused goodies—seriously, no one wants to have their day changed by consuming a delicious yet potent treat unawares—and proceed to make all of your homies fat and happy.

One last thing: I know Hanukkah is almost over, but this ridiculously awesome menorah-style bong from 420 Science ( would look great on anyone’s mantel. Happy holidays, and I hope you have a great time giving and receiving.

I have been using the Iolite and the Pax vaporizers. Now I find the oil/wax vaporizers much more convenient. What are your recommendations for the best and least expensive oil/wax vaporizers today?


Man, I totally forgot to mention that art glass and cool pipes and vaporizers and all that groovy stuff also make great gifts. The Pax is still my fave flower vape, and I really like OG Pens and Dabstix for oils and concentrates. OGPens is a Sacramento-based company, so if you are into that whole “support the locals” type of thing, they would be a great option. Check them out at OK, that’s it for real. Happy holidays.