Don't cross the line

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

Is it legal to sell weed in other states?

—Pez D. Spencer

It depends on what you mean by that question. Can you sell weed in Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, California and a few other states? Yes. You have to follow a bunch of rules and pay your taxes, but yes, it is legal. In fact, it is more legal than ever. Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board just voted to allow some recreational—er, adult use—retail cannabis dispensaries to allow onsite consumption of cannabis. How cool is that? And new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already started to work on legalizing cannabis. This is incredible. Just think: You can be high all day on the Alaska Highway. How about a cannabis-tasting road trip from San Diego all the way to Fairbanks? Good times. Hell, you could start in Mexico, since Mexico’s Supreme Court just ruled that growing and smoking marijuana is a “fundamental human right” as defined in the Mexican Constitution. Daaaaamn. Way to go Mexico!

But I digress. You can’t sell weed across state lines. Ever. Interstate trafficking of narcotics is a felony. (Remember, marijuana is still a Schedule 1 narcotic in the eyes of the federal government.) You can get up to five years in a hurry, and if you are caught with more than, say, 100 pounds, you could get up to 20 years. And federal time is different than state or county time. The feds are big on “day for day” sentences, meaning you do each and every single freaking day of your sentence. It is extremely difficult to get time off for good behavior. Don’t do it.

Since we are talking about prison, now would be a good time to discuss the issue of people still in jail for cannabis “crimes.” Obama just pardoned a few folks, but there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of people in prison for nonviolent marijuana offenses. No one should go to jail for marijuana. Ever.

During this holiday season, let’s all take some time to reach out to our imprisoned brothers and sisters. The website has a list of just about all of the marijuana POWs in the United States. Please write someone a letter or a postcard. And call and email your elected officials. Stay active. Weed is still winning.

Any fall harvest favorites?

—Chron N. Suer

Yes! I have to say that Oregon is steady smashing the game right now. The Oregon SunGrown Growers’ Guild grows some incredible weed and great flavors. I am still on the Yayger (could be the greatest microstrain ever, and will probably migrate to Cali soon), and this strain from Rogue Buds called Omega that is full of fruit flavors and happy motivation. Here in Cali, I found a nice Humboldt Girl Scout Cookies. I am also hella looking forward to the Emerald Cup cannabis competition in Santa Rosa this December 12 and 13. Find out more at I love outdoor weed more than I love indoor. That is all.