Head for the hills!

Our annual or first or whatever-it-is Winter Guide to skiing, tubing, skating, sledding and shredding

Welcome, snow bums and bunnies, to our annual winter sports guide. What’s that, Sven? SN&R didn’t have a winter sports guide last year? Your then-editor strangled that project in the crib? How in Hades do those chicks in the back pages keep warm with so little on?

Very good questions.

First, it’s as refreshing as cold ice water to a sunburnt face to know someone has been paying such close attention. Second, yes, it is true that, technically, “annual” connotes something presented “yearly.” Indeed, that is our intention with this guide. It may be more accurate then to call this our “occasional” winter sports guide. But were there regular annual SN&R winter guides before last year’s was unceremoniously scrubbed? We can’t tell, as we’re burning all our back issues for heat.

Whatever you call what’s now in your mittens, it breaks down all the nearby ski resorts, shows you cheaper ways to enjoy the winter, identifies what should be on your wrist at the slopes, reveals Lassen’s not just for summer anymore, and explains how “green” ski areas are going to stave off the end of days. We also bust your gut with the story of a middle-aged bunnysloper and dish ways to meet those girls in the back pages sorely in need of Gore-Tex to cover their latex. OK, you have to go to the adult section for that last one.

Now all we need is $75 for a lift ticket …