Hawnay Troof

UC Davis Coffee House, 05 Tues, 7:30 p.m., $5

Hawnay Troof is a solo act from Oakland, who’ll take over UC Davis on Tuesday for a very special and strange Cinco de Mayo. Last time he was in town, it was opening for Matt and Kim, and here’s how it went down: Hawnay took the stage; sick, heavily electronica-inspired hip-hop beats bumped from the speakers; and Hawnay proceeded to fire off easygoing, free-spirited pop-rap verses. Yes, it’s rap, but Hawnay doesn’t actually spit: He’s got a gruff tinge to his voice, rhymes slowly—even singing—which occasionally induces frenzies as a side effect. Free for students; with Abe Vigoda. On the west side of the Memorial Union at UC Davis; www.myspace.com/hawnaytroof.