Happy Feet

Rated 2.0

A young penguin (voice by Elijah Wood), already disdained by his flock because his awful singing voice keeps him from finding his “heartsong,” is completely ostracized when he takes up tap-dancing instead and his heresy is blamed for the flock’s vanishing food supply. (Yes, you read that right.) This animated feature sports a number of infectious musical sequences (from an eclectic mix of Elvis, Chicago, Prince and others) and it has some of the most brilliant computer animation ever put to film. But the off-the-wall story (by Warren Coleman, John Collee, Judy Morris and director George Miller) is a bewildering hash of equal parts March of the Penguins, Moulin Rouge!, Footloose and preachy Greenpeace documentary, peppered with jokey characters for the all-star voice cast, but never very involving.