Gun Shy

Rated 1.0 A stressed-out DEA agent (Liam Neeson) is persuaded to stay under cover for one more sting against a Columbian drug lord; meanwhile, he falls in love with the wisecracking nurse (Sandra Bullock) who gives him a barium enema for his work-induced intestinal problems. Boy, don’t you just wish you could have been at the meeting where they pitched a concept like that? The meeting sounds like fun; the film—as written and directed by Erick Blakeney—is a confused, disorderly mess. There are some funny moments, most of them supplied by Oliver Platt as a would-be Mafia kingpin (proving once again how much he can do with nothing), but the plot babbles itself into inanity and falls into a slovenly heap at the climax. Bullock’s role is virtually irrelevant—which is odd—she was also the film’s producer.