Guerrilla dining

illustration by mark stivers

How’s a girl supposed to eat local, organic food and not break the bank? I’ve found a few good sources for low-cost organic produce, like the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, where you can always find slightly bruised or ugly produce at reduced prices. I bought a pound of delicious green beans for 99 cents and only had to toss a couple. I’ve also gotten great deals at the Central Farmers’ Market (Eighth and W streets under the freeway) on Sundays after 11 a.m., when farmers are ready to go home. Last summer, I scored a $5 box of peaches that were fantastic, if slightly banged up. I’m also plotting to guerrilla-garden the abandoned lot in my neighborhood with drought-tolerant edibles, like rosemary and dandelion greens. Shimmy up one of the many public citrus trees and grab some oranges or lemons. In the summer, there are blackberries galore along the bike path, and fall brings almonds behind Blue Diamond. It just takes a little searching!