Greek to me

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

I don’t know what it is about me and yogurt; I think this is something like the third time I’ve written about yogurt in this space. I just like it, OK? Is that so wrong? It makes the perfect breakfast. Unless, as in the case of Greek Gods yogurt (which I’ve been seeing at Raley’s ), it is almost too rich for first thing in the morning. Almost. Their pomegranate yogurt, pale pink and sweet-tart like Molly Ringwald ’s prom dress, is so thick that a half a container really is quite enough at breakfast. It would be delicious dolloped on slices of semolina cake with raspberries alongside. The same brand’s caramel-colored fig yogurt tastes of honey and, obviously, ripe figs, without a hint of those seedy little fruits’ sometimes vegetal qualities. I like it with walnuts and maybe some grainy granola. And the plain yogurt, thick, sour and perfect as it is, would make the ideal tzatziki or raita, or you could just have it for, yes, breakfast with ripe peaches and more granola.