Yes, Yuba City

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

Cilantro’s Restaurant

460 Center St.
Yuba City, CA 95991

(530) 822-9095

I grew up not in Sacramento but in Chico, which means now that I end up driving through Yuba City kind of a lot. I’ve always tried to breeze right through—I mean, this is the place that people from Chico look at and think, “At least I’m not from there”—but recently my dad and I were looking for a halfway point between our two towns to meet up, and I was quite happy to find that Yuba City’s quaint little downtown has some good eats. We had lunch at Cilantro’s Restaurant , which is a hip, brightly colored little space with excellent chips, tangy ceviche, intriguing “Arabic-style” tacos (they come on fluffy pita-like bread) and street-style enchiladas with guajillo chilies. There are a couple of other intriguing restaurants on Yuba City’s main drag, now, too, making it a lot more likely that I’ll make a stop as I drive through town in the future.