GRAS is greener

illustration by MARK STIVERS

Corral the usual forward-thinking-restaurateur suspects and you’ll find the members of a new local group called Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento, or GRAS. Dedicated to “making Sacramento a leading sustainable food community and a leader in the green restaurant industry,” GRAS wants to be the go-to source for food-service ecology. They offer members like Ella Dining Room and Bar, Mulvaney’s Building and Loan, Hot Italian, and OneSpeed access to programs for recycling wine corks (a quickly declining resource), composting kitchen scraps and conserving water. GRAS also offers green-friendly services, like helping to install bike racks and customizing environmental support for athletic events. They’re even a great source for finding biodegradable to-go containers and folks to take leftover fry oil. Think of them as the à la carte menu of sustainable business practices in Sacramento. Find them at