Good sex

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the writer considers what pleasures women are promised under the law

Bob Schmidt is a longtime journalist and SN&R contributor.

Sex between two willing, happy, healthy, horny people is such a wonderful experience, it’s almost enough to make me believe in intelligent design. How fortunate we are that our bodies have come to be arranged so as to allow us to enjoy such pleasure.

How sad that sex is sometimes used as a weapon, or as merchandise. How sad that there is so often hypocrisy about sex.

Thankfully, sexual hypocrisy is not nearly as blatant as it once was, but it still exists. Guys who get laid a lot are studs. Women who get laid a lot are sluts.

Once, of course, it was worse. Once it was unseemly for a woman to acknowledge enjoyment of sex. It certainly wasn’t proper for a woman to want it.

Now, happily, the secret’s out. Women get horny. And the wise male eagerly accepts the responsibility for giving the pleasures of sex to the female. Moreover, legally, she’s entitled.

Not too long ago, she wasn’t, legally. If a wife were injured or lured away by another man and as a consequence the husband was deprived of the sexual services of his wife, the husband could sue for what was called “loss of consortium.” But if a man were injured or lured away by another woman, the deprived wife could not sue for loss of consortium. Believe it or not, the wife had no standing in a court of law to make such a claim.

Think we’re talking ancient history? In 1970, a young man was paralyzed in an industrial accident in Long Beach, California. He was compensated for his medical expenses and loss of future income, but his wife, Mary Anne Rodriguez, a young Catholic girl facing a childless lifetime without sex with her paralyzed husband, brought a lawsuit for the physical and emotional damages she was suffering and would suffer. Her lawyer argued that since “California law gives the husband the right to sue for the loss of his wife’s services,” it was only fair for a wife to have the same right.

A judge reluctantly, he said, agreed with the defense that under existing law, “[A] wife is not, nor has she ever, been entitled to the services of her husband.” He advised the wife and her lawyer to appeal, and they did.

In 1974, the California Supreme Court overruled the trial judge, holding that “each spouse [should have] a cause of action for loss of consortium caused by a negligent or intentional injury to the other by a third party.”

One hundred eleven years after Abraham Lincoln emancipated slaves, California completed the legal emancipation of women.

So sex between two willing, happy, healthy, horny people is a good thing, and such fortunate people know that the more pleasure you give, the more you experience.