Good Luck Chuck

Rated 1.0

Dentist Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) has a sexy reputation: if a woman sleeps with him, they say, the next man she dates will be her true love. For a while it’s a free pass for sex with hundreds of women—but then he begins to really fall for someone (Jessica Alba), and he’s afraid that if he goes to bed with her, he’ll lose her forever. Cook, having shown himself an actor of some substance in Mr. Brooks, returns to Johnny Knoxville mode for this raunchy comedy that tries to see how much sex can be crammed (via split screen) into 96 minutes of screen time. Cook and Alba have easy chemistry, but Dan Fogler (as Cook’s best friend) is obnoxious. Worse, there’s an opening scene (set in the hero’s childhood) that’s little more than kiddie porn, leaving an ugly taste thereafter. Written by Josh Stolberg, directed by Mark Helfrich.