Dragon Wars: D-War

Rated 1.0

The title doesn’t mean a war with dragons, or even a war between dragons, but a war between two giant serpents, the good Imoogi and the evil Baraki, both seeking to become a dragon. To do that, they must find the mystic Yuh Yi Joo, which appears every 500 years in the body of a young woman…Are you writing all this down? Do you care? Writer-director Hyung-rae Shim’s script is purportedly based on some Korean legend, but it doesn’t make sense from one scene to the next—sometimes, not even from one line to the next. It’s all just an excuse for the CGI effects, which range from cheesy to pretty good (though never good enough to redeem the proceedings from low camp). A couple of decent actors (Robert Forster, Elizabeth Peña) are tossed in among the unknowns (Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Craig Robinson).