Give peace a chance

Benvenuti Performing Arts Center

4600 Blackrock Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95835

What happens when a bunch of students from a school in Sacramento and a school in Turkey get to spend time together? Why, they put on a show, of course! As part of an exchange program that included a visit to Turkey by some students from the Natomas Charter School, a partnership was formed with students at Sungurbey Academy in Nigde, Turkey. The teens have spent the past year learning about each other by actually talking to each other (what a concept!), and have been exploring their arts traditions together. Now, a group of student from Turkey is coming to visit—and both schools will participate in a joint production that is the result of their combined study, communication and efforts. One Voice will demonstrate through the performing arts what the youths have learned, blending Western and Middle Eastern artistic traditions. The performances will be at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center, 4600 Blackrock Drive, at 7 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays, this weekend and next. For tickets, go to