Getting fresh

“Untitled (Mouths)” by Julia Elsas, embroidery on fabric, 2009.

“Untitled (Mouths)” by Julia Elsas, embroidery on fabric, 2009.


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Suggestive glances. Parted lips. Lots of parted lips. Julia Elsas, MFA grad from UC Davis, zeroes in on the flirtatious gesticulations of the face and embroiders them into a landscape of white or ivory cloth at repetition. Elsas shows with other recent MA and MFA graduates in Fresh Young Things: New Talent From Northern California, including Erin Billingsley (Sacramento State), Klea McKenna (California College of the Arts), Steuart Pittman (Mills College), Kazumi Shiho (Stanford University), Colby Claycomb, John K. Melvin, Jhinryung Oh, James Pakola, Sara Wanie and David Yun (San Francisco Art Institute).