Get to market!

For information and directions to the region’s many farmers’ markets, go to

Strawberries, asparagus and peas, oh my!

Yes, folks, spring has sprung, and its bright, tender produce is ready to be relished. Everybody’s talking these days about the need to eat locally grown, seasonal food. But how do you know what’s in season and/or if it’s locally farmed?

We have a suggestion: Get to nearby a farmers’ market!

If you haven’t been paying attention, our region now offers farmers’ markets all over the place and on many days of the week, e.g., Sacramento Central under Interstate 80 (Sundays), Roosevelt Park, Freemont Park (Tuesdays), Cesar Chavez Plaza, Elk Grove Regional Park (Wednesdays), Downtown Plaza, Florin Mall (Thursdays), Davis, Sunrise Mall, Country Club Plaza, Del Paso Boulevard, Woodland (Saturdays). Each market varies in its offerings and style, but the people who run them share a common goal of getting fresh, locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables on an arc from the farmers’ fields directly into your kitchen.

Without a middleman! Without added costs! Brilliant!