Future perfect

In this issue, SN&R looks back on 2015 (See “Year in Review”), but it’s also time to look ahead.

The upcoming mayoral race, for example. This isn’t so much about moving on from the current office holder, but rather about pushing for changes that will benefit everyone—not just the privileged.

I’m ready to hear what forerunners Darrell Steinberg and Angelique Ashby propose. I’m just as interested to listen to underdogs Tony Lopez and Russell Rawlings. The latter two candidates may not seem to stand a chance, but they do stand to push the conversation. Let’s talk about, among other things, social services and care and resources for the homeless, undocumented immigrants and other underserved populations.

I’m also excited for changes to Sacramento’s arts, entertainment and food scenes. 2015 birthed cool new restaurants and bars—albeit many of which were owned and operated by the same stakeholders. In 2016, in the interest of staving off all things homogenous and boring, it’s time for new players to enter the game. It’s also time to extend the same creativity and entrepreneurship that drives the food scene to the region’s visual arts and performing arts communities. It can be done.

Finally, there’s the elephant on the block. Earlier this week, I drove by the new Golden 1 Center; the still-unfinished sports and entertainment complex has proved divisive. Yet I’m curiously optimistic. My wish: That it can coexist with what’s still left of the downtown region’s character-rich buildings and businesses. Preservation and development needn’t be mutually exclusive.

Here’s to the next 12 months in the 916.